Villa Limone, Atri, Italia

Villa Limone

Villa Limone is an authentic Italian farmhouse in Abruzzo, Italy, right on the edge of the village of Atri Casoli. The villa's courtyard offers stunning views over an olive grove valley to the Grand Sasso mountain range. The Adriatic Sea glistens in the distance, with the nearest beach about a 10-minute drive away. The small village of Casoli di Atri is 800 metres away on foot. The village offers basic services such as a restaurant, café, pharmacy and grocery shop. Pescara, the capital of the Abruzzo region, can be reached by car in just over half an hour. The regional airport is also located in Pescara. Between Casoli and Pescara there is a wider range of services, including several larger shopping centres and the outlet village of Citta San´t Angelo.

Villa Limone is suitable for 1-2 families. Beds are reserved for 10 people. The living floor has about 100 m2 of space. The spaces consist of a dining room and kitchenette and three bedrooms, one of which has a combined living room. The villa is equipped with good basic amenities, including air conditioning. The furnishings are extensive and of high quality, and the appliances make for a comfortable stay. The equipment includes a dishwasher and washing machine. Cooking is done on a typical gas stove. The main bedroom has access to a small balcony and there is a terrace in the front garden.

The small courtyard area has a lawn, which is maintained by a robot mower. Villa Limone has an olive grove of just under a hectare in the courtyard, where you can roam freely. In Italy, there is no 'every man for himself' principle like in Finland, so you can only move around in the countryside on Limone's own plot. Please note that during the summer season, at least in July and August, it is always quite warm in Italy. The villa is located in open countryside on a slope, bathed in sunshine. Due to the air conditioning, the indoor temperature of the villa does not rise excessively and remains around 25°C even on the hottest days. The air conditioning also dehumidifies the air inside, making it pleasant to be inside. On hot days, for example, window shades should be kept closed to prevent the apartment from becoming excessively hot. Indoor temperatures are also affected by their own activities, e.g. using a stove or gas stove raises the indoor temperature and the air conditioning is not efficient enough if the heat load from the sun gets inside and the use of appliances causes a drastic heat load.

If you are interested in renting Villa Limone, please contact us by email (our contact details can be found HERE). We will always arrange the rental on the basis of a personal discussion. The minimum rental period is approximately one week. Villa Limone rental prices vary depending on the season, with the cheapest weekly rates being around €500 per week.

We help our clients plan their trip and we will give you a basic proposal for a week or two-week stay. See the proposals HERE (page is still being updated).

Read more about Abruzzo HERE (page not yet updated) .

Travel to Villa Limone

We'll help you plan your trip to Abruzzo, and we'll give you great tips on both travel and places to visit on the ground. There are two ways to get to Villa Limone from Finland, by car to enjoy the European scenery or by air. You can fly to Rome, Ancona or Pescara, for example. Flights from Finland to Pescara and Ancona are always interchangeable and flight schedules vary. Sometimes you can find very cheap and fast connections, e.g. in Munich, London or Bergamo, changing planes. All year round there are smooth flights to Rome, from where you can rent a car and drive about 2-2.5 hours to Limone. By flying to Rome at the beginning or end of your trip, you can combine a self-drive stopover in iconic Rome for a few days. Driving from Finland to Italy or in Italy by car is nothing to get excited about, the traffic is consistent and clear.

We can give you a good route recommendation if you're considering doing the whole macaque by car. Depending on the route, you will cover between 2800 and 3000 km in one direction. The most cost-effective and, in our opinion, smoothest route starts with a ferry caravan to Tallinn, from where you continue via Via Baltica to the European motorways. After Via Baltica, the rest of the route is almost motorway. If you enjoy driving and your journey is smooth, you can reach your destination in about two and a half days. If you've never seen the European landscape from behind the wheel before, we recommend that you allow a little more time for the journey, so you can also enjoy the cities where you'll be staying more. Warsaw in Poland, Vienna in Austria and Venice in Italy are just some of the places to visit.

General information

Please note that we do not live in Italy. We can help with all the arrangements and have a few partners, but we cannot guarantee a very fast response time on the ground.

In general, people in Abruzzo are very friendly. English is not widely spoken, but you can get things done even if you don't speak Italian. There are not many tourists in Abruzzo. During the summer season, tourists are mainly Italian.

In the calendar below you can see the available dates .Please feel free to contact us, our contact details can be found HERE.


  • Local services: shop, café, restaurant and pharmacy less than 1 km.
  • Beach: nearest beach on the Adriatic Sea approx. 8km, by car approx. 10 min. 1.5 km from the Adriatic Sea, 10 km from the Adriatic Sea, 10 km from the Adriatic Sea, 10 km from the Adriatic Sea, 10 km from the Adriatic Sea, 10 km from the Adriatic Sea. There are free of charge and free of charge. Pineto, Montesilvano and Pescara have quality sandy beaches with good services.
  • Shopping centre:
  • Centro Universo, Silvi, 17 km, 20 min by car.
  • Pescara Nord (Citta San´t Angelo), including clothing stores, optician, restaurants, shoe shops and the top quality and large grocery store Conad Spazio.
  • Outlet village Citta San´t Angelo
  • Airport, Abruzzo Airport
  • Pescara, (central town of Abruzzo)
  • Rome
  • Outdoor areas of the Apennine Mountains:
  • Monte Amaro / Maiella (Majelletta), approx. 1,5 h by car
  • Grand Sasso, approx. 1 h by car.